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Balagam Synopsis:

Balagam is the latest Telugu film, which is set in a rural background of Telangana with Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram as the lead pair. This movie was made by debutant director Jabardasth Venu under Dil Raju Productions. Balagam portrays the family emotions, culture, and relations between people in rural areas. The film will touch the hearts of the common people, as evident from the trailer. Balagam is released in theaters today. Continue reading this article to know the review for the film Balagam by Telugu Film Nagar.

Balagam Movie Review:

Balagam movie is a mix of emotions. The story has a perfect balance of humour and sentiment. The opening scene is carried well by Sudhakar Reddy. The first half of the movie has comedy. The second half of the movie is emotional, especially the climax scene.

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Sudhakar Reddy, who plays the role of Komurayya, did justice to the character and carried the emotion well in all of his scenes. The opening sequence of the film is one of his best deliveries in the movie.

Priyadarshi also did a good job as Sayyilu. His role is a mix of comic and emotional, both of which he handled well.

The other supporting characters also performed well, which helped the movie come out well.


Jabardasth Venu, who made his directorial debut with Balagam, has done a good job. Balagam was set against the Telangana backdrop, which Venu portrayed perfectly. Also, the dialogues and the conversations were written accordingly with the setup. The best part of Venu’s writing is his characterizations. He was successful in conveying the message through the characters, and that is where the emotions had a proper impact on the audience.

The production values of Dil Raj Production are top-notch.

Bheems Ceciroleo’s music has been a great strength for the film’s core emotions. Also, the songs were nicely composed, with a perfect touch of rural Telangana.

In addition to the above, the other technical aspects of the film, such as editing and cinematography, were really good.


This film takes you on an emotional journey and is apt for family audiences. This is surely going to win your hearts with the emotions it carries throughout the film. It is a must-watch for all the age groups.

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