DJ Tillu Trailer Launch Controversy , Siddhu Jonnalagadda Reacts

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Directed by Vimal Krishna, DJ Tillu is a romantic entertainer featuring Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Neha Shetty as the lead pair.  The trailer of the movie was released on February 2nd in Hyderabad.  At the event, a journalist asked Siddhu a sexist question about his heroine Neha Shetty.  The actor Siddhu took to twitter with a note in this regard. 

What Happened? 

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At the trailer launch of DJ Tillu, the entire team including producer Naga Vamsi were answering questions from the media.  When it is Siddhu Jonnalagadda’ term, a journalist asked an insensitive question regarding Neha,  in reference to a dialogue from the trailer of DJ Tillu. He was startled but reacted in a very balanced manner. He chose to avoid the question and moved on.  

Do Not Judge Actors In Real Life

Siddhu revealed that he was deeply hurt but chose not to lose temper. “An actor, especially a woman, works really hard during intimate scenes, which takes a lot of courage. A technician holds light right in their face.” he continued.  Siddhu also affirmed that all actors deserve respect for being courageous and not to be spoken to in a demeaning manner. He appealed to everyone not to judge the actors in real life, for what they do on screen. 

More Reactions

Actress Neha Shetty took to Twitter to strike at the journalist for shooting such an indecent question.  Producer Naga Vamsi also consoled the actress quoting “sorry neha that was really unfortunate…” on his social media handles. 

On the other hand, the  DJ Tillu trailer screened sizzling chemistry between the lead pair Siddhu and Neha and crossed 2.5 million views.  The film was slated to release in theaters this February.  However, the makers are yet to confirm the release date.

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