Characters We Love Forever Ft. Sanjay Sahu, Gabbar Singh, Sathyadev Konidela

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Welcome back to this special article dealing with the heart of every story, Characters.

Telugu Film Nagar brings back all the beloved characters back to your notice again.  This is a special edition of discussing all the characters we loved all these years.

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As we discussed the characters played by Allu Arjun in the last article, let us now move to our beloved Power Star Pawan Kalyan in this article.

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Characters We Love Forever Ft. Cable Raju, Gona Ganna Reddy, Pushpa Raj

Pawan Kalyan Characters We Love Forever Ft. Sanjay Sahu, Gabbar Singh, Sathyadev Konidela

One man who has an immense following in Telugu film industry is Pawan Kalyan.  In fact it is said that Pawan does not have fans, he has disciples.  His followers treat him as a demigod.  How come a local actor who predominantly works in only Telugu films has attained this much love?  Is it because of his acting or attitude?  Is it because of the characters he played in the films or his very own character?  Keeping all these questions aside, we can observe one thing for sure, Pawan Kalyan, the name itself is a brand in Tollywood and this man has created a huge impact on many here in the Telugu states.  You can ask for any good quality which is impactful and influential, and you can surely find that in the characters played by Pawan Kalyan.

Let us look into such characters which drive us someway in many situations of our life.

Badrinath (Badri)

“If you are Nanda, I am Badri, Badrinath. So what?” Hope you remember these lines from the massive blockbuster film Badri.  The film was titled after the name of the lead character Badrinath played by Pawan Kalyan.  Attitude of this character was very much attracted to the youth of the 2000’s.  In fact, attitude is the one best quality which made Pawan Kalyan the Power star of Tollywood.  He reflects his attitude in most of his films.  Pawan Kalyan is seen as a lover boy in the film.  His scenes with Prakash Raj are a delight to watch. And of all, the chartbuster of the year Yeh Chikita made Pawan much closer to the youth.

Sanjay Sahu (Jalsa)

The story of Sanjay Sahu is intense and inspiring.  One can see the anger caused from the grief struck deep in this character.  Trivikram Srinivas beautifully penned the character arc of Sanjay Sahu in Jalsa.  Pawan Kalyan played the role of a poor son born in a rural family.  He turns into a naxalite from the grief of poverty and losing his family.  Pawan gave an intense performance in the film.  Also he is perfectly set in the role of naxalite.  Pawan also provided enough laughs in the film with his comedy timing.  Pawan’s intensity in acting is the highlight of the film.

Gabbar Singh (Gabbar Singh)

Can we speak about Pawan Kalyan’s films without Gabbar Singh in the discussion?  Absolutely not!  Such an impact was created by both the actor and the character played by him.  Pawan Kalyan is apt in the looks of a mass police officer.  His dialogue delivery in the film is an added advantage.  The swag and style are a treat to watch on the big screen.  Pawan after a gap of many years, had a huge blockbuster again with the film Gabbar Singh.  The film made Pawan Kalyan rule the box office.  The red towel worn by Pawan Kalyan around his neck and head in the film is still followed by him and his fans till date.

Gautham Nanda (Attarintiki Daredi)

Money can make you rich, but family is the true treasure.  This is not a philosophy, but a true life lesson.  One man made a journey for life to keep up the promise he made to his grandfather.  One man worked as a car driver even after having all the luxuries to lead his life.  One man kept every effort to win the heart of his aunt.  One man stood strong to make this all happen and he is Gautham Nanda, the successor of Nanda’s family.  One of the finest characters written by Trivikram and played by Pawan Kalyan is Gautham Nanda.  Few lines towards the end of the film Attarintiki Daredi define what Gautham Nanda is.  “Great men are those who not only know where to win, but also where to bend and stay calm keeping all the egos aside”.

Sathyadev Konidela (Vakeel Saab)

Beside being an actor, Pawan Kalyan always has revolutionary thoughts in him.  He always steps ahead for his people to stand by the side of justice.  What if Pawan Kalyan gets such a role to play in films?  That’s exactly what happened with Vakeel Saab.  Pawan Kalyan played the role of a lawyer in the film, handling all the cases of innocent people.  His character shows the true fighting spirit of a leader.  Also, the character provided Pawan Kalyan an opportunity to expose his respect towards women.  As a true fan, one can easily find many qualities of Sathyadev matching with Pawan Kalyan.

These are the characters played by Pawan Kalyan which had an impact on us.  There are also a few others which are not discussed here, including Siddhartha Roy from Kushi, Arjun Palwai from Teen Maar, Lord Krishna from Gopala Gopala and many more.  Also, we are excited to watch the real swag of Pawan Kalyan as Bheemla Nayak in his upcoming film.

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