Characters We Love Forever ft. Chatrapathi, Billa, Baahubali

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Characters, a single word which fills all the spaces of screenwriting.  Infact, the story itself is the journey of a character.  We root for a character in the beginning and then we travel with them forever.  We form an emotional bonding with them.  We take them home and we feel them as a part of our friends and family.

Telugu Film Nagar brings back all such lovable characters to your notice once again.  This is a special edition discussing the characters we love forever.

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Let us start this edition with the lead actors, especially those who played the roles of protagonists or heroes.  We begin with our beloved Darling Prabhas.

Prabhas Characters We Love Forever ft. Chatrapathi, Billa, Baahubali

From making his debut with the film Eeswar in 2002 to his latest film Radhe Shyam which is set to be released in 2022, Prabhas became the most beloved actor for the Telugu audience in his 20 years of journey in Telugu cinema.  He is called Darling by his fans.  From being a Telugu hero, he became a Pan India hero with Baahubali.  His love, goodness and hard work made him a true star of Indian Cinema.


Prabhas played an intense role in the action film Chatrapathi.  He perfectly portrayed both the layers of the character, one being a man of the masses standing for his people and the other being a lovable son to his mother.  He had put a great effort in his body transformation.  His body language and the dialogue delivery perfectly showcased the attitude of the man of masses.  Few actions from the film stay with us till date.  The dialogue of Okka Adugu, his walking style, the cargo pants, wearing a cowrie on neck and many others are still our favourites.  The character of Chatrapathi shows us the true qualities of a leader standing for his people.


One can remember the dialect and body language delivered by the character Bujji in the film Bujjigadu.  Prabhas provided us all the fun with his timing of comedy in the film.  He was seen as a mass guy trying to find his childhood love.  Prabhas gave his best in the action scenes.  With Puri Jagannadh coming up with one-liners and Prabhas delivering them with mass attitude, the combination worked and served well for the audience.  Bujji became the nickname for many single men after the release of Bujjigadu.

Trust no one. Kill anyone. Be only one. The lines themselves show the attitude of the character Billa in the film Billa.  Prabhas was seen in the most stylish look of his career in the film.  He played the dual role and justified them both.  The character of Billa shows us the swag and attitude of a don.  His abilities and decisions are the references for a leader in command.


Jai will be the favourite for many, especially for the youngsters.  Prabhas turned out to be a decent lover boy for his action drama Mirchi.  Even though the film has two shades for his character, Prabhas connected to the audience more as a lover than an action hero.  His style and simplicity in those decent formal costumes made him look much handsome.  He became the heart throb of many female youngsters.  His costumes became the trend of that time.  Besides the looks, the philosophy of Jai about love is a special attraction.  Jai leaves the violent path and chooses love for the change.  He spreads love to everyone, including his enemies.  One needs to learn this from the character of Jai.


We personally feel the characters Chatrapathi and Baahubali are similar in a way.  Amarendra Baahubali is always a mother’s son in the film Baahubali.  His principles and morals are all adopted from his mother Sivagami.  On the other hand, he is the true saviour of his people when they are in danger.  Baahubali reflects every quality of a king.  Prabhas spent and travelled 5 years with the character of Baahubali.  If we go deeper, we can also see some similar qualities between Baahubali on screen and Prabhas in real life.  Humbleness and Honesty are two among them and there are many more as we count on.

These are the best characters played by Prabhas that we will hold in our hearts forever and looking forward to see Prabhas as Vikramaditya in Radhe Shyam.  Which among these are your favourites? Comment below and send us your suggestions for the next one.

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