EXCLUSIVE: Kamal Kamaraju About His Journey Into Cinema, His Career and More

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Telugu Filmnagar started The Right Hour with TFN to add extra joy in these turbulent times.  Celebrities are coming on live and sharing snippets about their personal and professional lives.  We had the prominent actor Kamal Kamaraju on The Right Hour with TFN yesterday.  Kamal Kamaraju rose to stardom for his role in Godavari (2006.)   He spoke about his journey into cinema, his interests, and his fight against the Coronavirus in this exclusive interview.  Do check out his inspiring answers.

You are a man of multiple talents, architecture, artiste, actor and writer.  How did you manage to become a professional in all your endeavours?

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We as children are inherently interested in certain things and we are in constant exploration.  Back in my childhood I was curious about crafting and my parents were highly supportive of my interests, they never objected or feared for my failure.  That’s one of the reasons for my achievements.  Over the years I learned that practising any form of art shouldn’t be limited to a hobby itself.  I realized art takes shape when it becomes professional and has more meaning and dedication attached to it.

Can your parents be considered as the reason behind your multiple successes?

Yes, that’s true.  They are the reason behind my achievements.  Unlike in most households, my parents never stopped me from trying new things.  We see a lot of parents stop their children from exploring their interests, which makes the children lose confidence in them.  I can say, I am blessed in that aspect as my parents never imbibed the thoughts of failure in me but rather let me explore.

Born in a family of freedom fighters, what are your experiences?

My maternal grandparents are freedom fighters.  They lived at Sevagram, Gandhi’s ashram in Maharashtra.  Gandhi started his fight for freedom at Sevagram, it was a village with bare facilities.  Slowly it took shape and people started living.  Gandhi lived there for 9 years and my maternal grandparents were inspired and gave their support to him back then.  Coming from the background of a family who are part of the freedom fight gave me a strong image and I feel good and proud about it. 

Do you derive your inspiration from your maternal grandparents?

It is all watching and learning experiences from them.  No one ever told us what and how to do it.  We learned from them by watching what they are doing and understanding it.  Living beside the ashram, I used to go early in the morning by cycle or walk and used to explore the surroundings.  One of the inspiring things I saw in the ashram was a quote in front “Live Simply, So That Others Can Simply Live”   We don’t need to do big things and we can be happy with ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

Share Your Journey into cinema?

My journey into cinema started back in my Bachelors in Architecture when I was in third year.  I felt I didn’t want to be confined in one field like my architecture, so I went to Telugu Filmnagar and met Chandu Sir.  They hired me for the art department but for some reason that movie was shelved.  After one and half years, I started working in Delhi, then again I got a call from Hanu and he asked me to join for a new venture, that’s how I stepped into the film industry.

How did you get your chance in Sekhar Kammula’s Godavari movie?

Sekhar Kammula has unique thoughts which is why despite all these years whenever we watch his films, it makes us feel good.  My mother is a fan of Sekhar Kammula, she asked me to go and meet him once.  I was shooting for Chatrapathi(2005,) then.  So after the last day’s shoot, I rushed to meet Sekhar Kammula but I couldn’t meet him.  He called me the next day and we met.  The cast for Godavari was set but the character Ravindra didn’t satisfy them.  That’s when, Sekhar Kammula called me in for the role from Rajahmundry.  Godavari(2006,) was the start to my career, I am forever thankful to Sekhar.

What is your inspiration for bodybuilding?

When I was working for Chatrapathi, Rama Rajamouli told me to start building my body, since I was tall and everything.  Even Prabhas, he has a golden heart.  He used to share things about food and how to be healthy and fit.  I heard, when someone’s time ends, your time starts. I wanted to always be ready for my dreams by staying fit and healthy.  So that’s my inspiration for building my body.

How did you cope with COVID 19 and what do you suggest to the viewers?

Have a thermometer and oximeter at your home and check yourself intermittently.  Get online consultation from the medical professional who is a COVID specialist.  Get immediate medication after testing positive and follow the course for 2 to 3 days strictly.  Eat well and take enough rest, so that your body fights against the Coronavirus.  Don’t neglect if the fever subsided but make sure to take the medication course without amiss.  This is how I coped against the virus and I suggest everyone to stay safe and healthy.

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