EXCLUSIVE: Surbhi Talks About The Pandemic, Playing Sashi, Pick Up Lines, Hyderabad And More

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The Coronavirus pandemic may have slowed Tollywood a bit and audiences have been missing their favourite stars in action.  To make up for that, we at Telugu Filmnagar kickstarted The Right Hour with TFN to bring your favourite celebs close to you.  In today’s episode of The Right Hour, we had the gorgeous actress Surbhi as our guest where she talked about her latest hit Sashi, coping with the pandemic situation, staying positive, her dream roles and more.

  • Firstly, how are you coping with the pandemic situation?

There is a lot of chaos.  It is such an overwhelming situation right now.  I start my day with gratitude towards the god and the universe.  We have to be careful with both our mental and physical health.

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  • What is your daily routine these days?

I start my day with Surya Namaskar, Pranayama and Yoga.  The sun brings a lot of hope in our lives.  I connect with myself with Yoga, this is a time for self reflection.  I help my mom in the kitchen. Tried a bit of cooking as well.

  • What did you learn to cook?

Just the usual stuff like Roti and Sabzi.  I am Maharastrian, I learnt how to make this sweet dish, Sheera.  

  • How are you enjoying the success of the Sashi movie?

It is a great feeling.  It is a movie very close to my heart.  We worked very hard for 2 years as there were many hurdles on the way.  I am very glad that Sashi hit the theatres and audiences got to watch it in the theatres before the second lockdown.  When the director Srinivas Naidu narrated the story, I really wanted to take up this role.  It was challenging but I enjoyed playing Sashi.

  • Your cameo role in Raghuvaran B tech was such a hit.  How did you get the role?

This was way back in 2014.  Ivan Veramathiri (2013) was my first film.  After that I got a call from Dhanush sir’s office and they did a look test.  I was also very interested in doing such a different role.

  • Your favourite co star?

Everyone ya. I can’t name one.

  • A good memory from the movie Beeruva?

I guess the marriage hall scene.  The goons were after us and we had to run here and there.  I really enjoyed that scene, it was like playing Hide and Seek on the sets.

  • One role which you would love to play again?

The role I played in Sashi and Express Raja.

  • If you get to play a person in a biopic, who would that be?

Rani Laxmi Bai.

  • The best and worst pick up line you ever heard?

I remember one, it goes “Are you wifi, because I can totally feel the connection.”  Another one is “Are you a burger at McDonalds, cause you are McGorgeous.”  It’s a cute pick up line.

  • You have worked in both Tamil and Telugu industries.  How is it working in Tollywood?

I started my journey in Tamil industry.  Later, stepped into Telugu movies.  I am very comfortable doing movies here.  I just feel like Hyderabad is a second home.  Telugu film industry is very welcoming.

  • If your name was not Surbhi, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change my name.  I like my name.  Haha.  My parents call me Suru, so maybe that.

  • What is your dream role?

I would like to play roles that connect to my heart.  I want to play mythological roles.  Apart from Rani Laxmi Bai, I would love to do a biopic on Kalpana Chawla.

  • Your thoughts on Oke Oka Lokam Song from Sashi?

It is a very beautiful and emotional song.  I really connected to it.  When I saw the audience’s reaction to this song, it gave me goosebumps.  Aadi really portrayed the emotions well.  It was very difficult shooting for the song.  We were shooting in the middle of the ocean and everyone on the ship was seasick.  Our director of photography Amar garu shot the song really well.  The lyrics, the music composition were so beautiful.  

  • What are your future projects?

Currently, I am working on my first Kannada film called Sakath.  We almost finished shooting for it.  My next film is in Tamil called Adangathey.  I am in talks for a web series in Telugu.

Surbhi ended the interview with “These are tough times.  This too shall pass, so please take care of yourselves.  Stay hydrated and wear a mask.  We are going to overcome this.  Thank you so much for all the love.  Bye! (sic.)”

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