EXCLUSIVE: Pragya Jaiswal Talks About Kanche, Radhe, Working With BalaKrishna, The Pandemic And More

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While the pandemic put a stop to several movie releases and general slow down of the fast paced Tollywood, we at Telugu Filmnagar started the Right Hour segment to bring your favourite celebrities closer to you.  We kickstarted the Right Hour with the gorgeous Pragya Jaiswal.  This beauty is working opposite Balakrishna in the much anticipated Akhanda, directed by Boyapati Sreenu.  In this exclusive interview, Pragya got candid with us and talked about many things, from her national award winning movie Kanche (2015) to the pandemic on Instagram live.  Check out below her interview with us:

  • What are you binge watching these days?

I am excited to watch Radhe.  We haven’t seen a movie of this scale released on OTT.  I will understand the difference between theatrical and an OTT release tomorrow.  A theatrical experience  is a theatrical experience, it is a different feeling all together with the big screen, people and all.  But I am very excited to watch Radhe on OTT with family and friends.

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  • What were you doing at the moment you got the news about your movie Kanche winning a national award?

I am so glad you asked this question.  I was in the airport, waiting to enter the plane.  And suddenly, my phone was buzzing more than usual.  I was not having the best day that day and when the news broke out, I was ecstatic.  Twitter was flooded with congratulations for Varun, Krish and me.  I did not imagine that my movie would get a national award so early into my career.

  • You auditioned for Gabbar is back where Krish saw you and picked for Kanche.  Can you share that experience with us?

I was just trying to get into acting at that point.  I was happy that I got an opportunity with such a respectable director.  A film like that has not been made for the longest time.  When you are new, you want a good launch.  I was really happy that I got such a big platform.

  • Can you share a bit about your role in Akhanda?

I have never done anything like this before.  You will see me in such a different avatar.  I will reveal more about my role when the time is right.  I can guarantee that it is going to be amazing.

  • Your experience working with Balakrishna and Boyapati Sreenu?

Working with these two is such an amazing experience.  They are so passionate and energetic.  They are the driving force of the unit.  Boyapati sir keeps everyone motivated and takes care of everyone on the set.  He makes sure you are excited to be there and give your 100%.  I am just so lucky to work with him.  Balakrishna sir is so sweet and childlike in his approach towards the scenes.  It is just so amazing to see him work hard and be so into his character.  He is just so awesome.  I cannot wait to go back to the shoot.  Very very excited about Akhanda.  Can’t wait for theatres to open up and the release.

  • Out of the characters you played, which is closer to your real life self?

None.  I felt passionate about the characters and really enjoyed playing them.  If I have to pick, Sita from Kanche is kind of close to me or I hope so.  Sita is way more  stronger and rebellious than me.  Sita is closest to my real self, not entirely though.

  • Describe your experience working with the following directors in one word:

Boyapati Sreenu: Dream come true

Krishna Vamsi: He is a sweet and tough task master and he is a perfectionist.

Krish: He is a special one.  He gave me my big break.  One adjective is not enough to describe him.  He is so intelligent and passionate.  A wonderful experience working with him.

  • Tomorrow is Ramadan.  Did you try Haleem?

I love Haleem. I like the mutton Haleem over the chicken one.  But I would pick Biryani over Haleem any day.  Eid Mubarak to everyone

  • When would say Chill Boss to the following actors?

Varun Tej: It has been over 6 years since I worked with him.  From what I remember, he feels hot very fast in an outdoor set.  I would say chill boss anytime.

Balakrishna: Never. He is always chill.  He is the most positive and respectful person I have ever seen in my life.

Bellamkonda Srinivas: I don’t know hahaha. I am trying to think. It’s hard because they are always chill.

Vishnu: They are just chill people. Vishnu is a perfectionist and sometimes gets a bit hassled on the sets.  Maybe at that time.

Manoj: He is really chill. No chance to say chill boss.

Sundeep Kishan: Ayyo.  Sundeep is a bit chatty. I am also very chatty.  Sometimes when I am not chatty and he is, I would say chill boss.

  • Is there anything you want to learn/achieve in the pandemic?

I am hoping and praying for it to get over.  I just try to be better than yesterday regarding anything. I am working on a holistic level.  Making most of your time doing the things that make you happy is enough.  That is what I am doing. Making every day count, it is important to get into a routine and stay positive.

  • When are you getting back to your baking videos?

I am not baking this time.  I put on so much weight because I ended up eating the cakes I baked as I was alone during the lockdown.  I don’t want to eat anymore.  So, no baking.

Pragya ended the interview saying “Take care, Be safe, Don’t go out and See you soon.  Cannot wait to meet you all.  Till then, let us just hope and pray for the best.  Bye guys!”

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