Ravi Teja: 16 Years For Bhadra Movie

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Bhadra is one of the most popular movies of Tollywood.  Exactly, on this day 16 Years ago Bhadra was released.  It shook the entire industry and marked a commercial success for its exceptional story line.  Ravi Teja’s performance with a mix of mass and class won hearts. Bhadra also marks the sensational director Boyapati Sreenu’s debut movie.  Celebrating the glorious success, Bhadra completes 16 years today. 

Friends are who make our lives better.  From childhood to our last days, they are the ones we spend most of our time with.  Finding a best friend who understands you at all times and sticks to you right from the start is hard to find.  If you got one, you might as well realize they are even harder to let go.  Amidst the life struggles, having a best friend is a solace, they are our unseen backbone.  Even though you know you might lose your life, you still don’t want to give up your best friend.  You fight for their life till the very end and this marks a hellbound friendship.  A beautiful friendship like this is what everyone desires.  One such strong friendship is showcased well in Bhadra.  

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Two youngsters Bhadra (Ravi Teja) and Raja (Arjan Bajwa) who share a strong bond of friendship lead a happy stress free life in Bangalore.  Bhadra comes across Anu’s (Meera Jasmine)  photograph who is Raja’s sister and falls in love with her at first sight.  Since it is not everyday that your best friend has a beautiful sister, Bhadra decides to woo her.  As a plan to propose to Anu, Bhadra clings onto Raja and visits Raja’s hometown forcibly.   Anu and Raja’s big brother Surendra (Prakash Raj) is involved in regional gangs and brutal fights.  After Anu loses her entire family in a rival fight, Bhadra protects and brings her to his home.  How things pan out when love blossoms in the heart of Anu forms an engaging plot. 

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Ravi Teja as Bhadra rolled well into the role.  Bhadra marks one of his all time best performances.  It is forthright to say showcasing the emotions of best friend, lover and a dedicated son all through the stubble length of the movie is no joke.  Ravi Teja proved his mettle in acting once again with Bhadra.  The onscreen chemistry between Ravi Teja and Meera Jasmine was an adorable watch.  Meera Jasmine as Anuradha delivered a spot on performance.  Boyapati Sreenu’s skill of blending humour, action, love and drama in 2 hours 30 minuntes storyline is what brought him success.  Devi Sri Prasad’s background score and songs are an added glory to Bhadra’s massive hit.  Despite 16 Years since its release, Bhadra is still watched on the small screen with the same enthusiasm and love.  Here’s to 16 Years of successful commercial entertainer Bhadra.


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