Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 48 Highlights: Houseguests Enjoy Prema Modalaindi Movie Premier And Awards

Day 48 begins with Bomma Blockbuster Premier today.  Houseguests get ready for the BB awards and premier show of Prema Modalaindi movie.  Ariyana as the host interviews the houseguests about the movie. She later gifts Real Mango juice to Monal, Sohel and Avinash for speaking well in the interview.

Lasya and Sohel host the premier show and welcomes everyone.  Prema Modalaindi movie made by houseguests shows the triangle love story between Akhil and Monal and Ariyana.  The film also features Avinash in a comedy angle, who is in love with Ariyana. Mehboob is the villain of the film, who is also in love with Ariyana.  The film also features a fight sequence between Mehboob and Akhil, who are the Villian and Hero.  The movie gets a happy ending with Monal and Akhil, Avinash and Ariyana living happily ever after.

Sohel and Harika perform to a special song on Kevu Keka in the film.  The houseguests enjoy the Prema Modalain di premiere show in the BB show.  Later, the award show begins, every contestant gets an award in different categories.  Avinash roasts every contestant in the house with his funny comedy. Amma Rajasekhar and Divi, Monal Sohel perform a duet on an old song.  Lasya does a duet on a romantic song with Mehboob. Avinash and Ariyana also perform together on a romantic song.  The day ends with all the houseguests dancing together and creating a fun atmosphere. The next day promo shows Samantha hosting the show.


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