Bell Bottoms To Fanny Bags: 5 Popular 80s And 90s Fashion Trends That Are Coming back In Tollywood

The fashion industry ceases for no one but surely repeats history.  While a new trend comes out daily pivoting on the situation and seasons, there are certain fashion trends, which have returned.  They say fashion repeats itself every 10 years and that sure does seem true! Right now we’re seeing a resurgence of everything you loved, or maybe even hated from the ’80s to ’90s.

Cinema influences most parts of our lives and most importantly in fashion.  The fashion trends of our moms, which we made fun of such as wing liners and bell-bottoms jeans have made their comeback to the 21st century and we are obsessing over them.  As fashion and cinema go hand in hand, we in this fashion article bring you the most popular fashion comebacks, which are originally rocked as today’s trends.

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Mom jeans- Boyfriend jeans- Bell Bottoms

Back then, jeans were all about this style and who would have thought that these baggy jeans would turn to be the trending jeans of the 21st century.  Of course, we added cent of today’s world fashion by ripping and tearing off the jeans.  Comfy and fashion, what a win-win situation.


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Cold shoulder and off-shoulder tops

When I saw these types of tops in some old songs, I asked my mom who would wear them.  But look, it has returned and tell me, who doesn’t love off shoulder and cold shoulder tops.  Every girl has at least one top of such style and we are loving it.  From traditional to western, the 21’s century fashion is fixating cold and off-shoulder tops everywhere.


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From spice girls to Sridevi, chokers are the ULTIMATE 90s trend and are back in fashion and how!  The most iconic necklace of the 90s was by far the choker.  Just about every female pop star sported chokers which added the perfect dose of edginess to the sassy crop-top wearing singers.  This accessory is back in stock at all major stores and is bringing the 90s back to life for us all.


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Dungarees are back and how fashionable.  From kids to adults, this is one such outfit that is rocking hard in the 21st century.  You now can wear this in a variety of fabrics and styles, loose, cropped, flared, etc.  Take your pick!  They even play into the functional fashion trend.  A cool way to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time.

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Fanny packs

Fanny pack bags took a U-turn and came all the way to the 21st century and is making one of the most resounding comebacks.  Brunch or holiday, fanny bags are carried everywhere and why not, easy and sexy to carry around.  Tying the fanny bags around the waist is the new way of cool in the fashion world.


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Which of the above fashion come back is your favourite? Do comment down below and let us know

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