Thoughts on Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna starrer Dear Comrade | TFN Fan Blog

Thoughts on Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna starrer Dear Comrade | TFN Fan Blog

Disclaimer: This piece is written by a follower of Telugu Filmnagar, Dhamini Damodar as a guest author.

It took me hours to assemble my wreckage and compose this. I have so much to tell about the film. Dear Comrade, a film so excellent, unobtrusive eventually, practical towards one side and straightforward. I can hardly imagine how it managed such a touchy theme and that too with so much exactness and reality. It felt so genuine at a point that I was unable to prevent myself from breaking down. Feelings were set up and sentiment as well as the delightful seemingly insignificant details were dealt with adoration. Indeed the primary half was moderate since life was served to us then. Slow, savoring and genuine, however, a large portion of them anticipated that business components should be there, so it was a baffle to numerous. Lilly was a resilient lady and was a warrior. She was sufficient for herself! Bobby, in a simple way, caused her to understand that she had relinquished her internal contender and she needed to go to bat for her nobility and the manner in which everything was woven till end, was acceptable. Discussing how Lilly took as much time as is needed to open up about her affections for Bobby, made sure it was real and wasn’t simply fascination. And the manner in which she, in the long run, conceded about being infatuated with him was a procedure in itself and was flawless. Like sensitive issues, which must be spoken about, it was managed and it was an intense advance to do that and for a debutant, Bharat Kamma worked admirably. Discussing how insightful and perhaps beautiful it was of Bobby to simply record every one of his emotions and excursion 🌼

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There was such a great amount of profundity in it. Lilly heard and separated and felt it, that was lovely. It isn’t just Lilly, it is the entirety of the young ladies out there who need to remain steadfast and battle for what they love. All of us have a Lilly inside us! We need solidarity to battle for what we as a whole put stock in and this film simply revived our accounts.

The main half was without a doubt dazzling with the leads’ presentation, cricket coordinate, wedding and every last bit of it. Bobby and his companions, particularly Vikas as Raghu and Suhas as Martin, were great! It concentrated on scarcely any feelings and it went well. I had a feeling that I was carrying on with the life in it. There was a little yet powerful bit of Vikas and Anitha, which had a lot of effect and was harsh too.

Pointing at technical aspects, the cinematography was great! The picturisation of the leads and visuals were exquisite. The bgm was really gentle, delightful and had calmative visuals. Lilly simply needed to be a major part of Bobby’s life as his companion and that was decent at one point. It was extremely attentive of the creators to make the film around a young lady’s perspective. Both Lilly and Bobby were resilient people and they required warmth and love and solidarity to endure like we all. They resembled one of us. Can we additionally discuss how past excellent Bobby and Lilly were?

How cute was Bobby? He gave Lilly her space, regarded her calling, bolstered her and simply cherished her for what she is and was additionally defenseless and unpleasant when it came to ensuring her at the expense of harming her without his own insight.

Kadalalle was an unadulterated enchantment. Sadness was managed in a delicate manner. I was dazzled on how the producers didn’t go over the board or popularize and make that a usp, but rather decided to manage it in an incompletely reasonable manner. The methodology was useful for a debutant and Bharat Kamma made a pretty display. Lilly was as yet delicate and it wasn’t simply Bobby and his glow which set her back, however, even nature assumed its job. Lilly wasn’t totally recuperated and I was cheerful that transitory preoccupation was referenced too. I truly enjoyed the way Lilly just goes behind Bobby in dread and starts pulling his shirt a smidgen. Her dread, love and frenzy was obviously observed. The manner in which Bobby could discover comfort in her and afterward in the end transforming into what he was, was a progress in itself, which obviously individuals condemned and had questions of how only one excursion can mend an individual. It most likely can! And nobody had invested any energy to try and comprehend that a constructive and long ride can give such a lot of solace and harmony to the brain, which can at least incompletely recuperate an individual’s wreckage.

Second half was UNEXPECTED, AMAZING and REAL. It required some investment to expend whatever I had quite recently observed and felt. I experienced the excursion of Lilly and Bobby alongside them and the picturisation was so tasteful, it has my heart. O Kalala Kathala – Lilly is indicated mending and it is a procedure which did not occur without any forethought and that is the thing that I adored the most. The manner in which Bobby removed her into another zone to cause her to feel settled particularly when he inquires as to whether she is contending with cascades when she cries a tear. So charming and beautiful of Bobby to tell that. I mean, some accuracy and feeling was felt there. Lewd behavior wasn’t calmly managed however was given such significance and showed us some upsetting visuals, be it in an unpretentious yet forceful manner in the young ladies washroom scene for instance, and it left an effect. Feelings were so on point that it made me weep! The pre peak scene gave me goosebumps and Rashmika is such a decent on-screen character and you all would have without a doubt adored her as Lilly. Lilly was a contender, she cherished, she separated, she is you, she is one of us!

Recuperating is a procedure and I preferred how Bobby remained by Lilly. It was actually so dazzling when Bobby experienced mending himself at a point, and went for change. He is a man who went to bat for his lady and battled for her. It broke thoughts. It makes itself understood that men do separate, need mending and need existence. Bobby cried, felt torment and was helpless as well and isn’t that finished righteous human who does just the correct thing as he has experienced some mitigate venture. He had defects, he was a wreck even in the second half and wasn’t prepared to comprehend his young lady’s view until it hit him hard. He is a man! He defended his kin. Dear Comrade is underrated and is without a doubt a decent film and worth viewing.

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