Kobbari Matta Telugu Movie Review

Kobbarimatta Review

Sampoornesh Babu, the very name conjures up many hilarious moments for Telugu cinegoers. The comedian star, who came up with a new brand of humor with one of the spoofs of previous films, is a hit with the audience. Sampoornesh Babu now came up with a hilarious spoof about the heroes of Tollywood. The movie is titled Kobbari Matta. Sampoornesh appears in a triple role in this movie.
Movie Details:
Cast: Sampoornesh Babu, Ishika Singh, Gayatri Gupta and Shakeela
Direction: Rupak Ronaldson
Music: Syed Kamran
Rayudu (Sampoornesh Babu) is the village headman, who lives with his three wives happily. However, all hell breaks loose when Androidu (Sampoornesh Babu) enters the village and starts asking for a share of Rayudu’s riches. He is the son of Papa Rayudu (Sampoornesh Babu,) the second brother of Rayudu, which is revealed later. How does he earn the respect of the villagers and his extended family? This forms the rest of the story of Kobbari Matta.
The major credit for the film should be given to the writer, who hilariously created a triple role for Sampoornesh Babu. The film generally has over the top comedy. Sampoornesh Babu delivers his spoofy dialogues, funny mannerisms and hilarious stunts with utmost conviction.
There is a three minute non stop dialogue Sampoornesh Babu delivers in a breath, which will impress you before the interval scene. The supporting cast, including Shakeela, who plays Sampoornesh Babu’s mother, do a decent job.
The music and direction of the movie are as per requirement. For most part of the movie, you see Sampoornesh Babu shine in his glory, with three different looks.
In its entirety, Kobbari Matta is a must watch for those who love Sampoornesh Babu and over the top comedies.









Kobbari Matta Telugu Movie Review
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