Viswamitra Telugu Movie Review

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Director Raaja Kiran, after his successful horror comedy Geethanjali (2014,) is back with his favorite genre of horror, but now with a thriller variation. The movie starring Nanditha Raj of Prema Katha Chitram fame in the pivotal role is an suspense thriller too.
Vishwamitra is a film based on true events, occurred in the churches of the United States Of America and New Zealand. The peculiar story of a woman software engineer who is averse to men and lives independently in a flat is given a horror twist in this movie.
Movie Details:
Cast: Nanditha Raj, Ashutosh Rana, Prasanna, Satyam Rajesh, Vidyullekha Raman
Music: Anup Rubens
Direction: Raaja Kiran
Mitra (Nanditha Raj) is a software engineer working in a construction company owned by Rana (Ashutosh Rana.) He is a womanizer who lusts for Mitra. He finds the time and separates her from her close associate Bajji (Vidyullekha Raman) on a project to the USA.
One day he invites Mitra to his new Villa on the pretext of housewarming ceremony and tells her to become his mistress. He gives her 10 minutes of time to decide. Mitra is aghast. Before she composes herself, she is advised by a young man that everything would be alright and she need not afraid of Rana. The young man also tells Mitra, Rana will fall at her feet the next day and ask an unconditional apology. Mitra enquires who the man is, who came to her rescue. The man in question cannot disclose his identity.

Rana tenders an unconditional apology to Mitra the next day. Mitra tells this information of a stranger to her dear friend, Circle Inspector Gopal (Prasanna,) who wants to meet the man in question. The next day, he secretly observes Mitra going to a restaurant and notices Mitra talking to herself in the CCTV footage, with none seated in front of her. This intrigues him and he explains this to Mitra, who says she is seeing that man and talking to him, unlike Gopal’s observation. How did both solve this mystery? Why is the unseen man friendly to Mitra and why Rana fears him a lot? What is the relation between the invisible man and Rana? The rest of Vishwamitra revolves around this aspect.’
Vishwamitra is an out and out suspense thriller which rests on its screenplay. Director Raj Kiran has taken this genre to the next level with a clean script. The movie never leaves you with a dull moment at all. Nanditha and Prasanna shine in their roles, with just the right emotions in every scene. Nanditha is a proven performer who wants to experiment with scripts. She carries Vishwamitra on her shoulders, as she shares a lot of screen space with Prasanna. As for the stranger in the movie, it is better to have it as a surprise.
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Viswamitra Telugu Movie Review
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