A staunch devotee of Lord Ranganatha, Viparanarayana (Rao) lives, along with his disciple Rangaraju (Relangi), in an ashram on the banks of the Cauvery at Srirangam. Devadevi (Bhanumathi), a devadasi, after performing a dance recital at the Chola King (V. Sivaram)’s court on her way back along with her elder sister Madhuravani (Sandhya, mother of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha), passes through the ashram. When Viparanarayana does not even throw a glance at her, Devadevi’s vanity is hurt and she vows to entice him with her charm.She enters the ashram making Vipranarayana believe her sorrowful story. Very soon Vipranarayana surrenders to her charm. Once her ego is satisfied, Devadevi begins to regret her act. She leaves for her home and Vipranarayana follows her, but Devadevi’s mother (played by Rushyendramani) drives him out. Unable to see His devotee’s plight, Lord Ranganatha (R. Nageswara Rao in a guest appearance) assumes the form of Rangaraju and gives a golden vessel to Rangasani, saying that it has been sent by Vipranarayana. Soon it comes to light that the vessel has been stolen from the temple. The Chola King orders the hands of Vipranarayana to be amputated as a punishment. Finally, the Lord appears and reveals the truth, saying that Vipranarayana is none else than the human form of Vyjayanthi, the garland that adorns Him and Devadevi is a Gandharva Kanya. Vipranarayana assumes his real form and adorns the Lord.