Athili Sathi Babu is a petty thief and crook who is crazy about acts of daredevilry. He falls in love with Neeraja . But one day, he gets the shock of his life when a small girl turns up and claims that he is her father. After recovering from this shock, he slowly starts to find out the reason behind the claim. It turns out that the girl is the daughter of Police Officer Vikram singh Rathod .He is on the run from the notorious Chambal dacoits. He hides himself in Hyderabad. But after getting hit in the head and getting stabbed a couple of times, Vikram Rathod dies in front of Athili Sathi Babu. The petty thief Athili Sathi Babu now returns to the Chambal valley and settles the score on behalf of the dead cop Vikram Rathore. He also manages to put an end to the evil men