Veedu Maamulodu Kaadu

Swathi (Gopika) is a landlord’s daughter(Suman). Their family is a happy one. She leaves the family to stay in the nearby city where she goes to study. Chakri (Vijaya Samrat) is the son of an industrialist (Bhanuchander). Chakri considers life to be a challenge. He participates in bike races and always emerges victorious. Since Chakri is also quite handsome, several girls are after him but he is disinterested in all of them Swathi falls in love with him at first sight. She approaches her feelings for him gradually and she gets him to respond to her advances which she eventually shoots down. This makes Chakri confused as to whether she is interested in him or not.His Rushi (Rishi) is a goonda. He helps people settle cases of land grabbing and earns his living. He also grabs land at his own whim and fancy. He shows no remorse ? to him killing and murdering people is done for fun. But apart from being a macho man, he is also very clever and uses his wisdom when required. One day three people approach him with a predicament that they want him to solve.He, for the first time, is helpless and doesn’t know of a solution not knowing himself what love means. This makes him want to learn what love is all about. So he kidnaps Swathi demands that she love him. She tells him that she is truly in love with Chakri and not with him. Finally Rishi understands that love has to come from within one’s heart and that it cannot be forced. He reunites Chakri and Swathi in the end.