Chakravarthy wants to become a rock star but his mother wants him to serve army just like his deceased father. Chakravarthy wants to follow his heart to become a rock star. He starts from Bangalore to Hyderabad to give his first live performance.Saroja is a prostitute from Amalapuram. She works for a brothel company and she gets a cut of 20% as the pimp takes away rest of the money. Her dream is to go to Hyderabad and start her own brothel company. She dupes her employer and flees to Hyderabad overnight.Ramulu is a weaver from Sirisilla. His grandson is a bright student. Ramulu owes 50000 rupees to a fincier and the later takes Ramulu’s son as a daily labour. Ramulu desperately needs money as he wants his son to continue education. He finds a way of procuring the money and visits Hyderabad along with his daughter-in-law for that purpose Raheemulla Khureshi gets discrimited in Hyderabad for being a Muslim and he wants to leave for Dubai. He gets his visa and was ab