Vastadu Naa Raju

Vishnu stars as Venky whose ambition is win a kickboxing championship. He wanders aimlessly, at least that?s what his father (Thanikella Bharani) thinks. One day, his family finds a picture of Pooja (Taapsee) in his pocket and concludes that maybe the two are in love. They bump into her on couple of occasions and leave her amused. Meanwhile, Pooja?s brother Narasimha (Prakash Raj) harbours political ambitions and as a trade off agrees to a marriage involving his sister and Home Minister?s (Sayaji Shinde) son (Ajay). When Narasimha suspects that Pooja might be involved in a relationship with Venky, he creates problems for his family and often threatens him to back off. Only problem is, Venky doesn?t know why he?s doing that and who Pooja is. How this issue spirals into a huge problem for Venky & his family and how he solves it forms the rest of the story.