Vachadu Gelichadu

Ramana (Nanda) is unable to digest the fact that his mother gets married to another man after his father dies. Moreover, she gives birth to another son Arjun (Jiiva). Unable to forget his real father and unable to accept his new father, Ramana develops hatred for Arjun and throws him in a well during childhood and escapes to Mumbai. Years pass by and Ramana becomes a big don in Mumbai. The story takes a turn when the grown up Arjun comes to him with a special request. He wants Ramana to surrender to the police so that he can marry his girlfriend Anjana (Taapsee). Apparently, Ramana is responsible for Anjana?s father?s death so she sets the condition that Ramana should surrender. Arjun starts pestering Ramana constantly. To make things worse, Ramana discovers that Arjun is none other than his step brother who he threw in the well many years ago. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.