TeenMaar very simply starts off with Michael (Pawan Kalyan) meeting Meera (Trisha) at a Cape Town disco resulting in them going around but never formally declaring their love for each other. After a year of this casual relationship, Meera decides to go to India to pursue her career and so they amicably decide to split as they are not confident of putting in the effort required in maintaining a long distance relationship. Staying in touch as good friends, Meera and Michael struggle to understand their feelings for each other and continue to deny the existence of a very strong attraction between them. At this juncture, Senapathi (Paresh Rawal) comes into the scene as Michael?s friend who starts narrating Arjun?s (Pawan Kalyan) love story with Vasumathi (Kriti) that happened 30 years back. Complicating the present day love story is the fact that both Michael and Meera have moved ahead with new relationships. The rest of the movie is about how the two love stories unfold with their own set of value systems and contrasts.