Professor Tagore (Chiranjeevi) takes up the mission of eradicating corruption in unlawful society by unlawful means. He creates ACF (Anti Corruption Force) with a gang of his ex students. He selects 15 corrupt officers from each department and kills the most corrupted one so that others would fear the death and do their job with honesty. Likewise he kidnaps MROs (mandal Revenue Officers), SPs (superintendents of police) etc and kills the top corrupted ones. The police is on the prowl to identify the mysterious killer. In the meantime, he exposes the hospital authorities greediness by taking a corpse there. He makes those greedy corrupt doctors (who pretend that the patient is alive) operate the corpse. He there by exposes the system. A police driver Suryam (Prakash Raj) makes an independent enquiry and gets all the clues that lead to the killer under cover, Tagore that is. The film is all about how Tagore created awareness among the public about corruption and how he became the most adulated demigod in the state with his noble mission.