Akhil and Sonu are the two buddies turned enemies. Akhil, an automobile freak running a garage of sorts, is in love with Sri Valli .But she goes to her foster brother Sonu’s place after her father’s death. When Sonu realizes that Siri Valli is in love with his arch enemy Akhil, he asks her to put an end to the relationship. The rest of the story is about why Akhil and Sonu became enemies and how they clear the misunderstandings to unite again Akhil , Sonu and Sasha meet in Mumbai in their needy days as unemployed graduates. After a few days, they were forced to steal the money for survival. Then they decide that it is ok to rob the money and make a living out of it. Sasha is the sister of Sonu. She loves Akhil. But Akhil do not have any feelings for her. He treats her just like a good friend. Sasha dies in an unfortunate incident and Sonu holds Akhil responsible for her death. They become enemies. The rest of the story is about how they clear the misunderstandings and unite again ANNAPURNA STUDIOS Nagarjuna Akkineni Puri Jagannath Nagarjuna, Ayusha Takiya Sundeep Chowta Puri Jagannath 21/07/2005 02:24:17 Super audio, Super music, Super songs, Super cast, Super full movie online, Super telugu online movie, Super online movie, Super full movie download