Picturesque Sydney is the first-half setting where the happy-go-lucky Chandu (Gopichand) bumps into the tomboyish Mahalaxmi (Trisha) and promptly falls in love with her at the first look. The rest of the first half has Chandu trying his best to woo her using the help of ?Saif Ali Khan? (Ali) leading to many comical episodes. In the background, we are also introduced to the famed age-old Rayalaseema rivalry between the good Sivaih (Satyaraj) and the villainous Pashupathi (Kota Srinivas Rao). In the midst of this, Mahalaxmi is forcibly taken back to Rayalaseema with Chandu landing up there on a rescue mission. Soon we discover that Chandu?s father is Sivaih while Mahalaxmi is Pashupathi?s daughter. So now, the second half is about the warring families and how Chandu tries unsuccessfully to make peace with Pashupathi leading to Sivaih?s death. So like in all such movies, we move on to a predictable climax where all the bad guys die violently for their sins and the love-birds live happily ever-after.