Kali lives along with his mother on the business of hiring mike set and lighting equipment for wedding and other ceremonies. Jyothi is a singer who sings chorus in films. A lady police inspector keeps on following Kali and tries to seduce him to make him fall in her love. Kali is a threat for many in his area as he answers only with muscle power if things do not work out according to his way. Knowing this, Jyothi claims that she is Kali?s person to save herself from a group of eve teasers. Eve teasers leave her for the fear of Kali. In a dramatic sequence, Kali happens to encounter Jyothi. Gopichand inclines for Jyothi and proposes her. But she negates and tells her flash back.
Jyothi?s wants to become an IAS officer. She happens to meet Surya , who is another IAS aspirant, in a train. They become friendship and eventually fall in love. For a few reasons, Surya drops his idea of becoming IAS officer but encourages Jyothi in her attempts. He also says that he would marry her. He accentuates that he wants to see her as Jyothi Surya IAS. He also makes a nameplate in advance that reads ?Jyothi Surya IAS?. But he is accidentally killed in a road accident. Jyothy wishes to remain unmarried throughout her life assuming deceased Surya as her soul mate and husband. What happens after Jyothy tells her flash back to Kali is rest of the film. Will Kali marry Jyothy? Or will he marry the police inspector who falls behind him.