Satya (Nagarjuna) is a toughie whose confidence never fades, even in dire situations. Impressed by his attitude G.K. (Dev Gill), a goon of Hyderabad invites Satya over to finish off one of his enemies. Obviously, G.K. is intimidated not by them, but the gang leader Peddanna (Pradeep Rawat) who supports his enemies. Together G.K. and Satya plot a way to finish the enemy off, without offending Peddanna. In the meantime, G.K.’s associate Shirisha (Anushka) takes an instant liking to Satya and tries to woo him.Also running parallel to this story is that of Ashta Lakshmi (Priyamani), an innocent Brahmin girl, who is being chased by Peddanna’s henchmen about some other issue. She and her family insist help from Satya, though he isn’t completely helpful. With both these stories pointing towards the same villain, Satya now starts reaching him. However, it is soon revealed that Satya has his own reasons to pursue Peddanna and his henchmen. Who is Satya, why he is after Peddanna, and how all these stories are interlinked to one other form the rest of the story?