Komaram Puli (Pavan kalyan)

    Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan) is born in extreme conditions. However, his mom (Saranya), whose police officer husband has been killed by Al-Saleem, brings him up to be as fearless as a tiger. Puli becomes a special police officer in Prime Minister’s security and manages to save the PM’s life. He is granted permission to take on crime directly in the state with his personal team. Here he happens to have a tiff with Al-Saleem, though both are unaware of who the other is and what ‘connection’ they have.Puli hurts the ego of Al-Saleem, getting him to do mistakes and more mistakes. But Al-Saleem is clever too. What he does, how Komaram Puli overcomes Al-Saleem, and what he speaks to the world forms the rest of the story.