Preminchukundam Raa

    Veerabhadraiah (Jaya Prakash Reddy) a powerful factionist in Rayalaseema who is against love marriages. Sivudu (Srihari) his henchmen, Veerabhadraiah’s word is an ordinance to him, Sivudu says yes to Veerabhadraiah’s each and every deed, even he killed his own father. Reddappa (K.Ashok Kumar) is Veerabhadraiah’s opponent, both of them are having the family rivalry and they want to eliminate each other.Giri (Venkatesh) a college student at Hyderabad is an easy going guy, his parents (Raghunath Reddy & Annapurna) fixes his match with his master SRK’s (Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao) daughter Indira (Rajitha). One day he quarrels with a bad gang in college, due to their threat his parents him to Kurnool to his sister Vaani’s (Sudha) house. Giri goes to Kurnool, where he meets a young and beautiful girl Kaveri (Anjala Zaveri) staying with her uncle Keshava Rao (Ahuti Prasad) & family. They are neighbors of Giri’s brother-in-law Chakrapani (Chandra Mohan). Giri falls in love with Kaveri since both of them are childhood friends she too falls in love with Giri. At the same time, Giri’s parents fix his engagement. After knowing this Kaveri starts hating him. Giri comes back to Hyderabad cancels the engagement and goes back to Kurnool, but Kaveri shows aversion towards him, after some time she realizes his true love towards her and starts re-loving him.Now, there is twist Kaveri’s father is none other than Veerabhadraiah. He comes to know about their love affair and he resents and threatens Giri’s family. Immediately, Giri also reacts on Veerabhadraiah and takes Kaveri with him. Veerabhadraiah sends his goons along with Sivudu in their chase. Giri & Kaveri reach Hyderabad, his parents reject their love because they are afraid of Veerabhadraiah, even SRK Master also curses them. Giri takes Kaveri, leaves the house and with his friends help makes their marriage arrangements. At the same time, Sivudu & gang attack them. Giri is injured and Kaveri is separated from him and accidentally reaches SRK’s house, he also secures their love but forcefully Sivudu takes her back to Rayalaseema.Simultaneously, Chakrapani & Vaani arrives in Hyderabad, they see the injured Giri in the railway station and joins him in the hospital. Looking at his condition Giri’s parents decides to talk to Veerabhadraiah and goes to Rayalaseema, he looks down and keeps them in house arrest. Giri comes to conscious and reaches Rayalaseema. At the same time Reddappa and his gang attack Sivudu and his family, Giri saves them and his words completely change Sivudu. Finally, Giri protects his parents and takes Kaveri along with them, while they are escaping Veerabhadraiah tries to kill them, Sivudu obstructs his way and says that he is not correct which makes him to realize and Giri & Kaveri tied in.