Police Kartavyam

The film speaks volumes about Arjun’s directorial skills. He is racy both in his narration and in portraying the crucial role of ACP Parasuram. The theme is loosely based on how the innocent, helpless, educated and unemployed youngsters become vulnerable in the hands of terrorists who use them as human bombs. It is a brief story with plenty of situational and action drama. Dialogue is its strength, especially those lines written for Arjun’s role. Akash, a terrorist, meticulously plans and executes subversion by brainwashing the disillusioned youth, Siva (Abbas) being one among them. Siva works against the government and the police as he strongly believes that the cops murdered his brother. It is now the turn of ACP Parasuram to set the record straight. Anjali (Kiran Rathod) and Meena (Gayatri Raghuram) lose their heart for the brave police officer. While the former admires him silently, the latter comes under his protection as there is a threat to her life. Parasuram helps Siva’s mother, a widow, to regain their wealth and perform her daughter’s marriage. How things change, and whether the cop succeeds in reforming the misguided youngsters are reserved for the end. The duel between Parasuram and Akash towards the end is a thrilling spectacle.