Pichiga Nachav

    Pichiga Nachav is the latest Telugu Movie of 2017. The film with stars Nandu, Chetana Uttej, Naga Babu and Karunya. Directed by V Sasi Bhooshan and produced by Kamal kumar Pendem.


    Chandu (Sanjay) is a happy go lucky guy with a good bunch of friends. This young and smart boy falls in love with Ananya’s (Chetana Uttej) sister, Lavanya (Karunya.) They spend a lot of quality time together, yet she treats him only as a friend. Sanjay has real feelings for her but she never pays attention to that. Later, she gets married to another guy which will lead Sanjay into depression. It takes him some time but he manages to get out of it.

    In the later part of the story, Ananya falls in love with Chandu and goes out to propose her feelings for him. But to her shock, Chandu asks Ananya to sleep with him after making the proposal.

    Here lies the twist and turn. What will happen to her love story, why did Chandu make such an offer to Ananya? What has actually happened here? To know the answers for these questions you need to go and watch the film.