Pellam Oorelithe

Vivek (Srikanth) is an MD of an ad agency. He is a married to a beautiful wife Sandhya (Sangeeta). Subbu (Venu) is a photographer. He meets a beautiful girl (Rakshita). They fall in love. Vivek has a friend called Samba (Sunil), who is into womanizing and enjoying his life with hot chicks Sambha tries to drag Vivek into the game and sends a prostitute Tilottama to the guesthouse of Vivek when Sandhya is away. When Tilottama arrives at Vivek’s place, Sandhya returns to the guesthouse for some urgent work. When Sandhya spots Tilottama in the guesthouse, Vivek introduces her as the wife of Subbu. Then starts the comedy of errors. In order to cover a mistake that has not really happened, three people play the game. One particular lie by Vivek results into number of lies. What happens when the wives come to know about their husbands lies forms the climax.