Ottesi Cheputunna

Surya (Srikanth) is an orphan whose property is under dispute. Since his childhood, the God takes all the things and people he wanted away from him. Hence, he considers himself unlucky and stops wishing for anything. On a particular day, a letter comes to his address by accident, in which the photograph of a beautiful girl is inserted. He happens to see that photograph after he woke up and things started getting well for him. He gets a promotion. Likewise, her photograph has becomes a lucky charm for him. He gets all his ancestral property back. He searches for that girl and finds that her name is Divya (Sravanthy). But she is already in love with a tenant called Dileep (Sivaji) who is staying on the top of her house. Dileep does not have any job and is penniless. Divya’s father wants to marry Divya off to a guy with a good job. Divya tells about her love relationship with Dileep to Surya and asks him to bail them out. Though he promises to help her out, he had a strong instinct inside him that she would get back to him at the end. The rest of the story is about how she finds out that Dileep is a crook and marries Surya.