Vamsi is the son of Muddu Krishna and is the third son in the family. He is very family oriented. Raghava is Vamsi’s best friend and is an MLA. Vamsi wants to make him a minister. Kanaka Mahalakshmi aka Bujji is an orphan and is pursuing her B. Sc. She is very kind hearted. Vamsi falls in love with Bujji at first sight. Bujji cheats Vamsi’s brother and takes 15,000 from him ? an amount that she needs for a child’s operation. She later returns the money. Using this as an excellent opportunity to meet her, Vamsi introduces himself as a CBI officer and keeps meeting with Bujji. He later tells her that he loves her. A local goon Mahankali’s brother is a local mafia don teases Bujji and gets a thrashing from Vamsi. In taking revenge, Mahankali kidnaps Bujji and whom his brother rapes. To do this, Mahankali takes Raghava’s help. Raghava stabs Vamsi in the back. Bujji dies after the rape incident and Vamsi goes into the coma. After gaining consciousness, Vamsi starts suffering from visual hallucination and thinks that Bujji was still with him. Vamsi decides to take revenge against all those who harmed them and starts killing them one after the other. He ends up killing Raghava too. Raghava death creates a sensation, him being a minister. The police go after Vamsi accusing him of killing Raghava. An officer calls Vamsi’s parents and comes to know the real story. Mahankali makes a plan and tries to kill Vamsi in jail but Vamsi escapes with the help of the officer. Finally, he kills Mahankali and his brother. Then Vamsi realizes that Bujji died long ago and that hew indeed lo