Ontari Poratam

    Raja (Venkatesh) an uneducated intelligent guy works as a daily labor. Priyanka (Swetha) daughter of Sudarshan Rao (Satyanarayana) a multimillionaire has a lot of arrogance and ego. Raja Rajeswari Devi (Jayasudha) Priyanka’s lecturer always instigates her ego. Indu (Rupini) unemployed educated woman lives in a small room opposite to Prinyanka’s house along with two more unemployed educated guys Scientist (Sudhakar) & Engineer (Guru). Indu & her gang meets Raja and all them becomes good friends. Raja & Priyanka always have silly fights & quarrels with each other.One day Raja Rajeswari Devi gives a bet to Priyanka that resolve the problem at a shopping complex, Prinyanka takes Indu’s help. At the same time, Raja requires money for the operation his friend Siddappa’s (Chittibabu) mother. So, Raja says he will resolve the problem if Priyanka is ready to pay the amount. Raja solves the problem very intellectually, but Priyanka cheats him which leads to her death. In that anger, Raja insults Priyanka before everybody by kissing her. For that, Sudarshan Rao clamps Raja and Prinyanka beats him very badly, then Raja throws a challenge to Sudarshan Rao that he will become greater business man than him within a span of 4 years and the bet is if Raja wins the challenge Sudarshan Rao should make Priyanka’s marriage with him Sudarshan Rao accepts the challenge. All these things are silently observed by Raja Rajeswari Devi and she decides to help him. So, She starts teaching him regarding the life and brings him up as a well-educated person. Raja grows step-by-step with his intelligence and hard work and almost reaches up to the heights of Sudarshan Rao.At the same time, Sudarshan Rao finds out that person behind Raja is Raja Rajeswari Devi which gives a shock to him because there is a revenge format between them and one more shocking incident Sudarshan Rao is he is none other than Raja’s mother Bhagyalakshmi’s (Annapurna) brother his maternal uncle who as cheated Raja’s father and thrown their family on roads. Meanwhile, Priyanka also understands Raja’s good heart and starts loving him. All this things takes Sudarshan Rao to a breathless situation, to rescue himself he brings a person Sivangi Sivaramakrishna (Mohan Babu) from jail. Once Sivaramakrishna insults Raja & Raja Rajeswari Devi on the public dais and declares Raja Rajeswari Devi as his wife. Raja questions Raja Rajeswari Devi actually what happened then she reveals the truth once Sudarshan Rao was a college chairman where Raja Rajeswari Devi works as lecturer, she exposes all his illegal activities in college and he was arrested. To take revenge he uses her husband Sivaramakrishna as henchmen and tries to molest her, so there she takes a pledge that she won’t tie her hair until she sees Sudarshan Rao’s end and she sent Sivaramakrishna to jail. Listening to all this, Raja decides to fulfill his teacher’s pledge, so he collects all the proofs against Sudarshan Rao which collapse his entire dynasty. Simultaneously Sudarshan Rao & Sivaramakrishna kidnaps Raja Rajeswari Devi & Indu, Raja protects them. Finally, Raja wins in his challenge and fulfills his teacher’s pledge.