Gauthami is a real estate agent in Mumbai. She arranges a deal between Gowri Shankar of Sri Venkateswara Bank, Hyderabad, and a Seth in Mumbai, for the sale of a guest house in Mumbai. As per the agreement, there is three months time for registration. However, Gowri Shankar’s son Kiran comes to Mumbai and demands the money immediately. Though Gauthami tries very hard to convince Kiran that it is not possible to complete the deal early, Kiran does not listen and wants to complete the deal saying that he needs the money urgently. On the other hand, there is a mafia don called Sonu Bhai, who needs an urgent heart transplant and looks for a person who has a rare blood group called Bombay blood group. Despite several efforts, the entire mafia gang could not get a person with that rare blood group. Kiran has the same blood group and the goons catch him, but Kiran escapes as he was alerted by the nephew of Sonu Bhai who eyed his property. From then on the chase begins between Kiran, Gauthami and Sonu Bhai’s men.