Oka Criminal Prema Katha

    Sreenu(Manoj) is a young man, who works in a small video library in his village. One fine day, he falls for Bindu(Priyanka Pallavi) and reveals his love for her. After some days of wooing him, even Bindu accepts his love. A twist in the tale arises when Bindu’s family leaves their village and goes to Vizag, to live with her uncle(Satyanand). A depressed Sreenu follows Bindu to Vizag and finds out her address. He starts working as a canteen boy in the same college where she studies. Sreenu gets an even bigger shock, as Bindu starts ignoring him in college. Why is Bindu ignoring Sreenu? What are the family problems that she is facing? Will Sreenu manage to win his love back? That forms the rest of the story.