Nenu Saitham

    The story is about Madala Ravi, an unemployed youth who is helplessly angry about bogus interviews. His father (Chandramohan) runs a small-time sound service shop and dreams about his son getting a job. But Ravi decides to join his father instead of attending interviews. Then comes some action. He bashes up local goons when they tease his sister, but gets beaten up to save his father. The real story starts when he gets a job as a personal security officer – and falls in love with Gurlin Chopra. From day one of his assuming a job under a minister (Satyaprakash Reddy), he is unable to bear the insults heaped upon him. He is shocked when the minister’s wife orders him to throw petitions given by poor people into the dustbin. A great deal of personal misfortune follows. When he visits a jail with the minister, he happens to see Gurlin. Reddy orders his thugs to eliminate witnesses arriving from another place in a bus and Ravi loses his mother in the torched bus. He is forced to shoot down Gurlin when she tries to attack Reddy. It is revealed in a flashback that a geologist, played by Madala Ranga Rao, has unearthed granite in the barren lands of poor farmers. But Reddy occupies those lands forcibly with the connivance of government officials and burns down the entire village. When Rao revolts against him, he is put behind bars. Ravi is shocked to find Reddy joining hands with criminals but loses control when Reddy shoots down Madala Ranga Rao in the court premises. When Reddy’s son tries to rape Gurlin, Ravi kills him and is captured by Reddy. Ravi escapes from Reddy’s henchmen and, in a gory climax, shoots down the entire gang to prevent Reddy from assuming office as chief minister.