Madhav (Surya Prakash) is an orphan and a new entrant into a local college in Hyderabad. He spots the college beauty Shalini and falls in love with her at the first sight. Madhav is a levelheaded guy with cool attitude where as Shalini is a short-tempered lady. She indulges in a fight with an eve teaser and thrashes him with a soft drink bottle. Father of that eve teaser turns out to be a faction leader in that area. When Madhav goes to that faction leader to teach him a lesson, it is revealed that Madhav is none but the son of Manohar (Prakash Raj), the richest and most successful Industrial tycoon of the country. In the flash back it is shown that Manohar arranges a ‘swayamvaram’ kind of thing for Mahdav to select a bride for himself. Madhav feels that all the girls who have come there want to marry him because he is the son of a billionaire. He wants a girl to love him for what he is but not for his money. Hence, he requests his dad to leave him for a year so that he joins in a college in Hyderabad as a normal student and selects a girl who loves him for what he is. But none of his friends including Shalini, know the background of Madhav. Shalini rejects Madhav outrightly when he proposes to her. She says that she is grateful to Madhav for his help in getting rid of the eve teaser harassment and that it does not mean that she should love him. Then Madhav asks her to act as his lover for 30 days and he hints that she would automatically fall in love. Shalini accepts the offer and starts acting as his lover for 30 days. After the period of 30 days, Shalini tells Madhav that she is not in love with him. But in her heart, she has love towards him. But she suppresses her heart with her preconceived notion of not falling in love. After a lot of rethinking and consulting with her parents, she decides to express her love to Madhav. But by then, she comes to know that Madhav is the son of a billionaire. She thinks that he might feel that she came back to him after realizing that he is the heir of a business tycoon. Would these lovers unite or not is the point that is dealt in climax.