Muddula Priyudu

    Ramu (Venkatesh) leads a carefree life, living along with his widowed mother in a village. He was in love with Usha (Rambha), daughter of Dharmaiah (Gollapudi Maruti Rao), village president. He often involves in petty quarrels with Bujjulu (Ali), son of Kobbarikayala Subbaiah who happens to be brother-in-law of Dharmaiah. Subbaiah was a land lord and a moneylender who often torments villagers for money and domination. He wants to marry Usha to his son to ensure power over entire village. But Ramu always comes in between and he decides to get rid of him by involving him in a thievery case. But Ramu manages to prove the truth and sends Subbaiah to jail.Enraged Subbaiah pledges revenge on Ramu. Meanwhile Ramu and Usha’s marriage settles with the consent of their families. Ramu leaves for town to bring things for marriage but gets attacked by Subbaiah’s goons on the way. They beat him and throw him in a river believing that he is dead. Everybody including Usha thinks that he is dead and lose all the hope.But Ramu was alive and rescued by boatmen and nursed back to health. When he regains his consciousness, he forgets everything about the past and settles as Raju. Later he gets the job to tutor grandchildren of Major Narayana Murthy. Though those kids are naughty and mischievous, through patience and love Raju slowly gains their confidence. Sandhya (Ramyakrishna), eldest of them and Raju fall in love and Narayana Murthy happily gives consent for their marriage. But fate takes him back to Subbaiah’s goons and they again try to kill him. Raju gradually regains his memory but forgets the time he spent with Sandhya. He goes back to his village and reconciles with Usha.Sandhya desperately organizes search for him and at last finds him in his village with the help of her servant and friend Gundu (Brahmanandam). She goes there and tries to get in contact with Ramu, who already forgot everything about Sandhya. Misunderstandings ensure and finally Ramu remembers his past with Sandhya and becomes confused to what to do. Meanwhile Subbaiah gets released from prison and directly comes to take revenge on Ramu. He kidnaps Usha and try to forcefully marry her to his son Bujjulu. Ramu manages to defeat all those goons and save Usha. In climax, Sandhya leaves for her home leaving Usha and Ramu to marry and have regular life.