The story of LIE revolves around a guy named A. Satyam who mixes it up and tells it as Asatyam, which translates to lie. He falls in love with a girl who falls for him for all the lies he says. However, his life becomes Topsy-turvy when he encounters a don (Arjun.) It is the story of how he manages both love and his enmity with intelligence. The movie kick starts with Arjun’s introduction scene in which he is escaping from the cops.

After the introduction of every character, all of them head to US for their own reasons. While the track between the lead pair is going on, we can see Arjun’s growing obsession with a bag that contains something very important to him. This gives leads to the Indian Police and they end up pursuing him. Nithiin and Megha reach Vegas and their chemistry looks just perfect. Due to some incidents, Nithiin and Arjun cross paths and the LIE game begins. Though we see that Arjun is going after something petty, the story hints that it will turn out to be something very big.

The scene then shifts to Chicago. While romance in building between Nithiin and Megha, Arjun is trying hard to get the elusive object that is under the possession of CIA agents, Nithiin and Sreeram. After this, the cat and mouse game begins between Nithiin and Arjun. This part has a very nail biting plot as both of them are trying to outsmart the other. The suspense stays on till the climax scene and the story remains interesting throughout.