Laila Majnu

Qais Ibn Al Mulawwa, son of Shah Amri is sent to Damascus to pursue his education. There he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Laila, daughter of the Najd chieftain. Though Laila reciprocates his love in equal measure, her father opposes this match and keeps her confined in the house. Heartbroken at this separation, Qais loses his mental faculties and wanders aimlessly, always uttering the name of Laila. He is soon known far and wide as Majnoon, the obsessed. Laila is forcibly married off to Bakht, a scion of the royal family of Iraq. But she refuses to let Bakht touch her. Overwhelming misery and wretchedness of her circumstances lead to her death and hearing of her demise, the grief-stricken Qais falls dead too. The lovers unite in death