Kushi Kushiga

Surya Prakash who is a chronic bachelor. He hates love and girls. He has a nemesis called Bhavani. and he wins a court case against Bhavani that entitles him of a fortune left by his deceased father. Bhavani vows to see the end of Surya Prakash. Surya Prakash’s stays is adjacent to a Girls Hostel. Surya Prakash secretly sponsors a girl called Sandhya who is a step sister of Surya Prakash. But Sandhya is unaware of this fact. Sree Kumar , is a brother-in-law of Surya Prakash, is a Casanova. He falls in love with Sandhya at the very first sight. Satya Bhama is also an inmate in the Girls Hostel. She falls in love with Surya Prakash. Later it is revealed that Satya Bhama is a younger sister of Bhavani. The rest of the story deals with how all these relationships fall in place and lead to a logical conclusion.