Kshemanga Velli Labanga Randi

    Srikanth, Rajendra Prasad and Brahmanandam are mechanics in a car company. Roja, Preethi and Kovai Sarala are their wives respectively. These three families live in the same neighborhood. All the three mechanics are wayward husbands. Their weakness lies in boozing and spending half of their salary on the unnecessary items. Their wives have a tough time running their houses with the meager money provided by their men. They could not pay rent, ration money and school fees of their kids. At this juncture of time another pair ,Ramya Krishna and Prakash Raj, lands up in their neighbor house. Ramya Krishna, a pure Brahmin lady is supposed to have inter-caste married Prakash Raj. Both of them do their jobs and share their housework. Inspired by Ramyakrishna’s double income strategy, these wives ask their husband for a permission to work outside. Being male chauvinists, they firmly oppose wives plea as they feel that the right place for any married women is kitchen and wives life should be dedicated to taking care of husband and raising kids. They think that man should be the sole bread winner for any family. Money earned by a woman is untouchable. As a compromise the women ask their men to give the entire salary to them on the 1st of the month so that they can manage the house and save money for the future. But these men have lot of debts and installments to pay. They thought that they can pay all their debts when they receive Diwali bonus. To their chagrin, there is a rift between the workers union and the management that result in nonpayment of bonus. Enraged men fight with the owners that resulted these guys losing up jobs. After coming to know about this, the wives decides to take up a job that creates rifts between the spouses which results in wives living separately in another apartments. If you want to know how the husbands realize the importance of their wives, you got to watch this humor filled message oriented film.