It is the tale of a common man fighting corporate greed. Raju (Mahesh) is a taxi driver who gets embroiled in the death of a scientist and his friend. As circumstances would have it, he goes to Rajasthan to hand over the insurance money to the family of Dilawar Singh (the scientists’ friend) who thuds to a terrifying death on the top of his taxi. In Rajasthan, Raju (again) meets Subhasini, who in her previous (four) encounters has bought him nothing but trouble. On their way back to A.P, Raju gets stabbed and (after a John Woo inspired ballet-like fight sequence with the baddies) is rescued by a mysterious Siddha (Shafi). When he regains conscious Raju is in a remote village in North Andhra region called Paali, which incidentally is sitting atop billions of dollars worth of Iridium. The villages call him saamy (God) and expect him to save their hapless hamlet from a mysterious disease that is plaguing them. The story (after many intriguing twists and turns) leads Raju into the path of the villainous G K (an excellent portrayal by Prakash Raj) who meets his end in the hands of Raju in one of the best climax sequences seen on a Telugu film screen