Khaidi No 150

    The story revolves around Kathi Seenu (Chiranjeevi) who is a thief and escapes from the Kolkata central prison. He meets his friend Mallik (Ali), who is also a thief. As the cops have started searching for Seenu, he decided to fly off to Bangkok in a bid to escape from them. At that time, he meets Lakshmi (Kajal Aggarwal) at the airport and drops his plan. He has fallen in love with her and decides to woo her.  Unexpectedly, one day he meets his look alike Shankar (Chiranjeevi again in a dual role,) who meet with an accident and Seenu admits him in a hospital. Seenu plans to change his identity as Shankar to escape from police. He takes the place of Shankar, who is a post graduate and wants to help farmers in his village. Meanwhile, police arrest Shankar by thinking him as Seenu.  During that time, Seenu came to know that Shankar has the rivalry with an MNC, owned by Tarun Arora. The remaining story is all about why Shankar has the rivalry with MNC company? Who tried to kill him and why? How Seenu tackles the things that come in the way? Will Shankar able to get his identification?