A corrupt city with Members of Parliament with big criminal rap sheets, ruling the roost, transferring or killing honest police officers, promotion their own corrupt cops, openly collecting weekly bribes from local businesses, pimps, prostitutes ET AL, even openly holding an auction for bidders to bid for areas for black-marketing purposes. Pundarikakshaiah is the uncrowned king and he runs it with the help of a Member of Parliament, & the Director General of Police. His advocate wants him to contest the next elections, ensuring his win, and making his own laws, appointing his own police officers, who will do his bidding, carrying on without any checks and balance. He likes this idea, but feels he is getting too old, but would like his son to run and be the next State Chief Minister. The only problem is that his son has not been a good boy, he has been in trouble with the law, and is now currently facing charges of raping a woman. This would not be a problem for him, but the new Assistant Superintendent of Police, Vijayashanti has sworn to get a conviction, leaving him with no option but to make a final decision about her. Watch the trials, anguish, and torment a honest employee has to endure in a city that has gone beyond corruption. Based on the life story of gritty Police Officer Kiran Bedi.