Kalyanram Kathi

Ramakrishna (Kalyan Ram) is a decent footballer who is trying to be selected to play at National level. He has a doting family of two brothers, their wives and children. However the most important member of his family is his sister (Saranya Mohan). Though his sister is very naughty, Ramakrishna comes to her rescue almost all the time. Ram is selected to play Nationals, and his sister is about to get married to a well to do businessman’s son. However, one fine day his sister goes missing. His family, believing that she has eloped, convinces him that she will be safe somewhere and will comeback one day. As he sets off to play nationals, Ram rescues his sister, who is being chased by white dhoti clad goons lead by Krishna Mohan (Shyam). Who is Krishna Mohan, why is he chasing the girl who has been missing from her actual home and how does Ramakrishna react when he finds answers to all these questions – Find all the answers only in Kathi.