Kalusukovalani is a romantic movie in which, Ravi is an unemployed graduate with lots of attitude and brimming confidence. His family consists of a loving mother, a daunting father and an obsessed sister-in-law Madhavi. Ravi meets Viswanatham who is a successful hotelier in the city. Viswanatham is impressed by the spirit and sincerity of Ravi. He strikes a deal with Ravi to accompany him and be the care taker of him during his trip to Switzerland and there he receives the ‘best industrialist of the year’ award. Viswanath offers some money as remuneration and will also offer him the job in his company if Ravi is satisfactory. Anjali is a motherless child and the daughter of a multimillionaire, who has everything in her fingertips except for the love and time of her own father who is too busy to give her time. Anjali completes her graduation and decides to go to Switzerland for holidays. Ravi and Anjala stays in the same hotel in Switzerland. They find liking to each other though they meet very occasionally at a distance. One evening, they accidentally meet in a cable car. While on travel, the cable car gets stuck for hours due to technical problems. Ravi and Anjala are all alone in that cab. They get tempted by the teen charms of each other and get physical. After that incident, they lose touch with each other and the rest of the story is about how they will get together