Jagan is an artist. By a coincidence two sisters happen to meet him separately and both fall in love with him. Jagan is hardly interested in either of them. But in comes the `seva dal’ and finding both Jagan and Sandhya (Sarayu), the elder of the sisters talking to each other on February 14 (Valentine’s day), they get them married in front of the media. They remain married but on their wedding day Sandhya wants him to come along with her for a party. Jagan would rather finish his painting but when Sandhya insists, in a fit of anger he pushes her. The next thing we know of is that Sandhya is dead and Jagan is arrested on murder charges. Jagan is baffled as to how he would have killed Sandhya with jus that push that he gave her. But prison cannot hold this `mentally unsound’ man who beats up a couple of guards and escapes. After warding of the police who chase him, he finds shelter in a palatial house and literally threatens the lady of the house Jyothi (Sanjana) against informing about him to the police. Jyothi is scared of scared of Jagan, or is she? But Jagan begins to smell a rat. He chances upon a dead body in the bathroom upstairs. He confronts her but is shaken when he does not find it when he goes back to see it along with Jyothi. It’s a puzzle. Has Jagan been hallucinating?