Pedda Babu and Chinna are step brothers and also neighbors each with a beautiful daughter. Balaraju gets insulted when he visits the house of Chinna Babu for a marriage proposal. Balaraju wants to seek revenge by making sure that Vidya Jyothi ? daughter of Chinna Babu ? would get the worst youngster as the husband. After research, Balaraju closes on Balu who is a herb selling fraudster. Due to certain misunderstanding, he enters the house of Peda Babu and tries seducing his daughter, Divya .Bala Raju finds another worthless youngster called Badri who is a pimp by profession. Both Balu and Badri claim themselves as sons of billionaire Jamindar to impress Chinna Babu and Pedda Babu. Balu and Badri make Divya and Vidya fall in love with them respectively. The film ends with how the characters’ lives end well.