Gudumba Shankar

    Gudumba Shankar is an orphan and is a smalltime ruffian who makes his living by cheating people. On his way to Hyderabad, he accidentally meets Gowri and they both are forced to travel together. A few more incidents make them good friends. Then Shankar realizes that Gowri is a girl who ran away from her house. By then, they start having feelings for each other. Local goon Kumara Swamy wants to marry Gowri forcibly, leaving her no choice but to run away. Kumara Swamy finds out Gowri and takes her back to the house. Kumara Swamy is extremely superstitious and he heavily depends on the astrology of Parabrahma Swamy . Shankar blackmails Parabrahma Swamy and joins the wedding house as the wedding planner along with Ali and two other friends. The rest of the story is about how Shankar tricks Kumara Swamy so that he could marry Gowri.